It's Like Having A Mechanic At Your Side
  When Looking For a Used Car


Section B: Interior - No Power

In general, look for signs which are inconsistent with the general condition (mileage) of the car, truck, van or SUV. Look out for new parts (seat covers, pedal pads, etc.) which indicate an attempt to hide hard usage. Look for worn seats, carpet or anything which has more wear than the mileage would indicate.


Sniff the air, if there are bad odors, realize that some odors are difficult to remove (pet odors etc.). If there a is strong air freshener, it may be used to cover up a bad odor problem.


Look at the full length of the front and back seats for rips, tears or any stains. If the seats are covered, look under the seat covers.

Check that the front seats operate smoothly (the seat back and for leg room) and lock in different positions. If the back seats fold down, check to see if they work.

Seat Belts

Make sure the belts pull out and reel in properly and make sure the tabs lock securely into the buckle. The belts should be in good condition and not worn or frayed.


Check for tears, holes and if it is fastened securely around the edges. Lift the floor mats to check the condition underneath.


Pull back the carpets where possible to look for signs of flooding, water and rust. Be sure to put the carpet back in its original position.


If the windows are manual, check each of them to see if they crank up and down.


Check the mirrors to see that they are not loose and that the knobs operate them properly.

Dark spots behind the glass of a mirror indicates that it is going bad.

Trunk Release

Check for proper operation.

Hood Release

Check for proper operation.


Look for missing door handles, locks knobs, control knobs, trim, etc..

Fuel Lid Release

Check for proper operation.

Sun Visors

Make sure the sun visors are secure and move freely.


Tilt Steering

Check for proper operation.

Sun (Moon) Roof

Check for proper operation.


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