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Section C: Interior - Power On

Operational Status: Turn Ignition Key to “ON” position
Note: Do not start engine.
Tools Needed: CD/DVD/Cassette Tape

Many of the electrical accessories have more than one function. Check them all.


When the ignition key is turned to the “ON” position, check to see if all the warning lights operate. If the engine has gauges, check to see if they are operating. The owner's manual will tell you what warning lights the automobile has or how the gauges should read.

Washer & Wipers

Check the operation of the windshield washer and all the speeds of the windshield wipers. Check for streaks.


Check both high and low beam.

The following are self-explanatory:

Hazard Blinkers

Reverse Lights

Turn Signals

Park Lights


Vent. Fan

The ventilation fan should have several different speeds, see if they all work. Make sure air blows out of all the vents.


Check all the functions of the radio (AM, FM, volume, balance of the speaker output). If the automobile has a CD or cassette player, check all of its functions (fast forward, reverse, play, eject).


Even though there is no way to check the rear defroster, turn on the switch to see if the light operates.

Dashboard Dimmer

Check that the switch dims and brightens the dashboard lights.

Interior Dome Light(s)

Check these lights with both the switch and the doors.

The following are self-explanatory:

Ashtray Light

Glove Box Light


Cigarette Lighter

Trunk Light


Additional Lights

Door Step Light, Map Light, Vanity Mirror Light, etc.

DVD player or Navigation Device

Station Wagon or SUV Back Window

Check with both dash switch and key (remote).

Power Windows

Check all the individual switches, not only the switches by the driver.

Power Mirrors

Check for smooth and proper operation.

Power Seats

Check that all the functions operate (up and down, back and forth, etc.).

Power Door Locks

Check for proper operation.

Power Antenna

Check for proper operation.

Sun (Moon) Roof

Open and close the power sun (moon) roof several times.


Open and close the convertible top several times.


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